Acupuncture for a Healthy Immune System

Acupuncture has become increasingly popular over the last decade due to its profound effectiveness in treating all kinds of symptoms. It is often touted for its ability to reduce pain in the lower back and offer relief for chronic migraine sufferers. But what most people don't know is that acupuncture is one of the best ways to build your immune system - it is extremely safe, effective and all natural! 

Since I started getting acupuncture over seven years ago I can honestly say I've only been sick two times! Not bad since most adults get a cold or flu on average of 2-4 times per year. One, I attribute my overall immune response to a healthy diet, but any hint of a sneeze or sniffle I see my acupuncturist right away. Acupuncture works on building the bodies natural defense system, and any attack from a foreign bacteria or virus is easily repelled. Most of my patients often report back saying "Everyone in the office is sick except for me" or "My son brought home and awful stomach bug, and I didn't catch it". 

What is so wonderful about Acupuncture is that it works to keep your immune system healthy and can prevent the occurrence of future illness. So even the most health conscious person can benefit greatly from Acupuncture. I usually suggest an Acupuncturetreatment one time per month to keep the immune system strong, and a "tune-up" treatment when the seasons change to help the body adjust to the change in climate. 

For a full photo tutorial on points, please CLICK HERE.

Here is one point I use very often in my practice to strengthen the immune system. You can do acupressure on this point at home if you feel the beginning of a cold or to build and strengthen the immune system over time. 

The point is located near the lateral surface of the elbow.

Three-finger space distance from he elbow crease, between the muscles.

Find a sore spot and apply pressure and massage for 10 seconds. 

It's never too late to start getting acupuncture and even if you are in overall great health treatments can still benefit you. If you have any questions about a specific illness and would like more answers about acupuncture, feel free to contact me for information. 


Melissa Skelly, L.Ac

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