Fire Cider

I'm loving this new fire cider helps to open up the bronchial airways, helps warm you up in the winter, and is super easy to make. It's also one of the best defenses against cold and flu season and really helps immunity in the cooler months when our bodies have so much to fight against. 

The recipe I used is found in this link below, in the video of Rosemary Gladstar, all the way at the bottom.  The Mountain Rose version is also a good one, though I decided to stick to Rosemary's since I've really loved all of her recipes in the past. In round #2, I will try a different recipe. 

I did two batches: one original and an alternate recipe by adding in cinnamon chips, ginger, and cardamom to one of them to see if the flavor would be even more warming (which it is, and it's now my favorite).

Happy Fire Cider Making!