Natural Eating

A very simple rule of thumb is to ask "does my body recognize this food".  Does it grow on a tree, in the ground or on a bush, or is it prepackaged by somebody's hands and includes stabilizers and preservatives?   Eating "close to the source" means eating food that is close to the way nature designs it.  Incorporating this way of eating into your daily lifestyle will almost instantly take care of most health problems in our society today.  This especially is true for you, if you suffer from acne, headaches, lack of energy, mood swings, digestive issues, lack of regularity, and even depression.  You are not alone, and you can alleviate your symptoms quicker through this way of simple but nutritive eating, rather than through pills and creams.  You can achieve greatness and begin your new way of life by healing yourself from the inside out.  It cannot be more easy.      

I hope you can take today to mark day one in a lifetime journey or true nourishment.  Eat close to the earth, things you can pronounce, things you recognize as growing on a tree or in the ground. Wash it, and take a bite.  That nourishment is exactly what your body is searching for.