New Year's Intentions (And How To Keep Them)

Welcome, 2015.  It’s a new year, a new you, a new reality.  If you’ve made your resolutions, here are some quick and easy (but thoughtful) tips on how to achieve them!

1.  Forgive:  whatever you’ve come through, the good and the bad, forgive it all. Resolutions need to be grown in the present moment and with a future vision in mind.  If we’re stuck in the past, the new us doesn’t have a chance to evolve or blossom. Do yourself a favor and don’t ask why things happen, but rather smile deeply, know everything has a reason, and find some blessing in all the good and all the bad that you’ve experienced. Forgiveness turns the page to the possibilities of a new life.                                  

2.  Surrender:  Surrender to the situation you are in.  I know first hand how terrible it is to be sick and to go to doctors and not find any answers.  I never wish that on anyone.  However, the moment of change for me happened when I surrendered to the fact that my body didn’t react like other people’s bodies to the everyday things in the standard American lifestyle:  coffee, burgers, lack of sleep, alcohol.  Some people can mosey down life quite happily this way but my body rejected it. Only when I surrendered to the fact that my body was different, and it was trying to tell me something, did I finally move forward to create lasting change.

3.  Start small:  In fact, instead of one big resolution (like losing 30 pounds), why not have a resolution for every month?  The first month can be to have a salad with every other dinner. The second month can be buying some weights and using them.  The third month could be finding a new hiking partner.  Creating intentions step-by-step and maybe even month-by-month enables you to succeed at the corner of every month, rather than have one big umbrella resolution for the rest of the year.  Small successes reap big rewards.

4. Vision Board:  Create a vision board and put it up wherever you will see it. Put your resolutions up, but also put up things that will inspire you – words, photos, poems, trinkets, anything.  A resolution is not a stand-alone island…it needs a support structure of inspirations to help you achieve it.

5.  Be Accountable:  at the end of every month, be accountable for yourself and ask yourself if you’ve achieved that months’ goal.  If not, see where things fell through the cracks and redevelop the next month’s goal to reflect that.  Check in with yourself, ask yourself what’s working and what’s not, and really commit to the ideals you hold inside, and the goals you strive to reach. You can do it – this is the year!  I wish you abundance, blessings, prosperity, peace, and the overwhelming knowledge (inside and out) that you are worth your dreams. Blessings to you!