The Journey To Youthfulness

Have you even seen someone who looks half their age, and wonder how they do it? Have you ever met someone who seems to have more energy, less wrinkles, shiny hair, smooth skin, and an extra sparkle in their eye?  Most of all, have you ever seen someone truly happy!?  Joy is the true marker of health.  I think we all have seen someone like this, and it makes us wonder how they seem to be happy, so ageless, or  even becoming younger inside and out as the days pass by.  It comes down to free radicals, and how these little agents either repel or encourage aging in our living bodies... 


Free radicals are naturally occurring through almost every activity we undertake, including breathing and digesting.  Unfortunately, these agents are responsible for aging, wrinkles, and the decline of our health.  What you may not know is that you may be speeding up the process, and therefore creating more free radicals, by the foods we eat and the activities we undertake.  Too often, we are down and we look for outside sources to our health problems (cremes, pills, injections, treatments), without much attention to the inside activities of the body.  When we eat too much, too late at night, too much of the wrong food, too little of the right foods, we make our body works in excessive ways which end up aging us at a much faster rate.  


Our emotions are all linked into our overall health, so why would we think what we eat has little to do with our joy?  All of your symptoms are your body's way of saying "Hey there, I need help!"  When you start doing the right things, then the symptoms subside.  When you change your bad habits with excellent habits, then your body sparkles.  A  young, supple, flexible and light body full of life, energy, and vitality can be yours, in simple ways.  You regain your joy.  This science is plain, easy, simple, and it's as easy as opening up your fridge.   Let's work together to treat your body right, and find that youthfulness and joy that's waiting to be uncovered.  It is your right to feel healthy, light and radiant.  May you enjoy your beautiful journey!