The Results Are In!

RESULTS ARE IN! ~ November 22, 2014

I got the call and my knees buckled...I actually had to sit down!

Judges voted that my video would win the "Hot Raw Chef" Video Contest competition!

Thank you to everyone who voted, chimed in, offered support, shared the video, and everyone at Living Light Culinary Institute. This is such a huge honor and blessings! I'm so looking forward to spending time at Living Light this coming summer, learning more about raw foods, indulging in plant-based eats, and sharing everything I learn with all of you. 

Check out the write up here!

As I mentioned before, truly the best part of this is sharing this amaizgn food and knowledge with you all. If I can pass it on, help someone, make someone's life a little bit better, healthier, then I'm a happy girl. Thank you all for making me a happy girl :)