Top 5 Tips for Eating More Raw in Cooler Months

1. Be prepared! If your house is packed with healthy things, then you will eat healthy things. Your fridge and pantry should be stocked with seasonal produce! Why seasonal? I believe that nature brings us exactly what we need at exactly at the right time.  As the cooler weather hits, it's safe to say that we might be veering more towards comfort foods.  At this point, we see sweet potatoes and squash hit the stores, with deep wonderful greens along side them.  The tubers and roots and deep rich colored vegetables are very grounding, while the greens give us that depth of nutrients our bodies are looking for to recharge our immunity. Enjoy all that nature has to provide! Make various raw meals and have them available anytime you're hungry, all ready to be put in the dehydrator for a quick reheat, such as cream of broccoli soup, sweet potatoes and pesto, kale & miso soup...the possibilities are endless.  Enjoy the fall bounty, eat, and feel the warmth that comes from really nourishing foods.  

2.  Warm things up! So many people ask me how I can eat cold food all the time, and the irony is that I DON'T! You can always put your favorite raw soup in a dehydrator, blend it in the vitamix until warm, or even heat it on the stove a few seconds to warm up. Serve some dehydrated pizza crackers along side of it, make a little cashew parmesan, and I swear you have the perfect comfort food for fall and the cooler months.  Also, for a little kick, I love tea. I love the soothing warmth, the surprising flavors, and the overall wellbeing I get from brewing my own.  There's lots you can do to keep warm in the cooler months ahead - no excuses!  

3.  Share.  You don't want to be the only one at the holiday party eating your highly nutritious foods as everyone indulges in angel food cake.  Share your inspiration and you will become even more inspired to keep going! Last Christmas I took along a raw carrot cake and people demolished it, so much quicker than the other desserts!  Share and people will be intrigued about what you're doing, and that will be an inspiration.  Come with something you feel proud of, you know tastes good, and you will feel like you are on track, enjoying every bite as you go. Your body will thank you for it. And share the joy :)  

4. Exercise your body.  So many of us slow down in winter, and therefore need more layers to keep us warm.  Get your body moving, get the circulation going, and enjoy the great outdoors, in every season - falling leaves, falling rain, or falling snow, they all offer a unique view of the world.  Reunite with nature, regardless of her age. Massage (self-massage, from your loved one, or even a sweet indulgent appointment with your favorite massage therapist), is wonderful to get your blood and lymph moving.  I highly recommend it (check out our resource page for some local recommendations!)   

5.  When in doubt, make bread. The cooler months are always reminiscent for me of warm, home baked bread...with butter, humus, bean spread, anything.  Create a recipe for dehydrated bread and you have the complete fall comfort food.  If it's thin enough, roll it like a burrito with your favorite fixins, eat it with zucchini humus, pack it with sprouts, avocado and sea salt or just eat it with your stews and soups.  It can't be beat. But if you're pining for something indulgent, bread is the way to go. It's a staple, a stand-by, and having it on hand means you're prepared. Make bread.  It's a good thing.  And it makes your house smell good too.