Vegan Protein Powders

I tend to not be a huge fan of protein powders in general, since I typically love getting high protein from chia, hemp, greens, sprouts and other plant-foods. Once in a while, however, I really do like to have a protein smoothie for something quick and lean.

As many of you know already, protein powders are less than saintly. I've often seen them filled with sugars, cane syrup, additives, even colorings, and isolated protein isolates that are just not healthy. Also, their ingredient lists are huge and often contain whey, which as an isolated dairy protein, is something I try to avoid like the plague. 

I have found a wonderful product that I feel as a supplement to an already-existing healthy diet, comes as close as possible to a clean protein powder that I feel safe using. It's Sunwarrior Natural protein powder, which only contains raw, sprouted, bio-available brown rice protein. That's it - nothing less, nothing more. It actually only has one ingredient. It actually has a very pleasant flavor, mild and easily goes with (what I often do): greens, and some kind of low-glycmic berry powder. 

This also helps sustain me more in the wintertime when I'm looking for something more hearty. 

There you have it - optimally, we should be getting our proteins from our whole foods, but for those of us who need a bit more supplementation, this is the cleanest version I've found yet. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.