#GiftABook: How one book learned to travel

If you know me, you know I love to declutter, reorganize, and keep things tidy. I even have a declutter group on FB where I host 30-day challenges, have written a pantry declutter ebook and teach Decluttering Classes at our local Community College on the subject. I'm a self-proclaimed declutter queen! 

But if you also know me, you know I have a serious book addiction.

The more I talked about decluttering, the more I realized I had to confess to the elephant in the room, which was that I had difficulty releasing books. Shoes? No problem. Clothes? No problem. Furniture, knick knacks, anything else? NO problem.

But there's nothing like a book ~ they're amazing to hold, feel, read from, even the scent of the book, and the sound of the pages turning. I was and never will be into an electronic device that rids us of that tangible experience with a book. However, we have a tiny, just "perfect" home, and my library was growing. 

Worst part is that I was moving them around, all around the house, without a clear plan. Most of my books were culinary, so I'd use and reuse them again, that was no problem. But those that I didn't use were still taking up space. The other groups of books were business books, self-improvement books, spirituality books, books about finances, music, and personal performance. I would move them from this shelf to that shelf, organize them by color, forget I had some, re read others, and just start collecting books that were by the same author. Collections, as you know, are a trap. It's the idea of a collection that we're intrigued by, not the books themselves....and I found myself swimming in books! 

So as soon as I read a delicious, amazing, inspiring book, I wanted to share that with someone else. I started mailing books to friends who I thought would enjoy them. I'd only ask that they'd keep the gift moving, to someone else would could use the inspiration. And so #GiftABook was born. 

I wrote my name and date on the inside cover, to keep track of where the book has been and who it was gifted to. And I sent them out on an adventure. With three intentions: 

1. Someone else could enjoy the book, become inspired. 

2. They'd share that with someone else, hoping for the same. 

3. They'd release the book, welcoming in something new, or simply loving the new space it created.

If you'd like to join me on this journey, please do....and if you happen to take any photos of the book, or would like to share your experience, please use the hashtag so we can all connect. 

See you on the other side, and happy reading!