Easy Trumpet Mushrooms Scallops

Amazing trumpet mushrooms at the farmer’s market!

Amazing trumpet mushrooms at the farmer’s market!

One of my favorite weekly places to visit is our local Farmers Market. It’s filled with scents and colors of the seasons ~ seedlings, garlic scales, romanesco cauliflower and escarole in June, to the beautiful squashes that come up late summer. Flowers everywhere, babies in carriages, cute puppies that follow along, kombucha on tap, intricate woven clothing from artisans, paintings of jazz musicians, the pickle stand, and one of my favorites, the mushroom people. I kindly call them that because only recently, did I learn their real name: Davidson Exotic Mushrooms. I love picking up a new variety weekly and making something simple but delicious with really quality ingredients.

You’ll find mushroom scallops on many gourmet blogs, and I have to say, they ARE all that. These are relatively simple (since I like to work with 2 ingredient lists), and yet they are meaty, flavorful, and exceedingly healthy (just read up on the benefits of mushrooms, and you’ll want to add them to your weekly meal plan too). Enjoy with some quinoa, rice, cauliflower rice, or serve with a stir fry. Here, I just paired them with some bok choy greens.


Large handful of trumpet mushrooms, sliced into medium-sized rounds (think scallops)

1-2 tsp oil of choice (coconut, sesame, etc.)

1/4 cup mirin

drizzle of tamari

Heat a skillet on high, and add in the oil. Let it pool in the middle away from the sides (a little test I do to make sure oil is heated through). Add in the mushroom scallops, turn heat to medium, and add some salt and pepper. Let sit, sizzling, and turn them over with tongs after a few minutes (checking that the underside is lightly browned and seared). Cook another 2 minutes or so. Take the pan over the sink (trust me), and add in the mirin and tamari (it may splash and bubble a bit, that’s ok). Cover, reduce heat to low, and cook another minute or so. Sprinkle a few chili flakes on top and serve with choice of sides.