Make Your Own Hot Pepper Flakes


The garden this year has been pretty prolific, and we’ve been getting some nice hot peppers in the mix. I do love hot sauce (mostly because it’s a little bit sour too), and adding chili flakes to my food (I actually find them flavorful but mild in heat). I tend to add raw hot peppers only to salsa, and just a little bit. Which leaves me with a handful of hot peppers that I end up dehydrating and turning into my own hot pepper flakes. It’s pretty easy and it yields a very flavorful pepper flake that you grew yourself. Nothing feels better than growing something yourself and reaping the rewards.

This recipe is short and easy, but something you may not have thought of. Enjoy!

Pick your hot peppers red if possible, and let them continue to dry in the sun (or a sunny window). Alternatively, you can pick them red and dehydrate at 112 until completely dry ~ you have to sort of play with it a little bit, but you want dry red peppers in the end. When completely dry, transfer them into a coffee grinder, and grind into a consistency you enjoy as a pepper flake. Enjoy! These should be stored in an airtight container.