Minty Cucumber Tzatziki Sauce


July and August are the perfect months for inundating yours house with cucumbers. Seriously. We can’t eat them all. Where did they come from? Where did I go wrong? How many plants did I actually buy? Without the guilt, I set to work ~ of course, I share with family, friends, neighbors, I pickle the raw fermented way, I can them as well, we eat them raw, and then….comes this pretty knock-out tzatziki sauce that is soon going to be your best friend, labeled on top of everything.

As with most of my recipes, it’s quite easy. But I love a lot of flavor, and my favorite thing is to use what’s already in the garden. The perfect marriage of local, seasonal food. It doesn’t get better than that.

Again, I won’t bore you with exact measurements. I always say, “it’s not math class over here”. Just do your best to make it your way, and enjoy the process!


I do love this cashew yoghurt, if you can find it. Alternately, you can use almond yogurt, or any other plant-based yogurt (you can even try to make it yourself!) as long as it’s unsweetened and plain.

The authentic recipe is to drain your cucumber after you cut it. If you think you’ll eat this all in one sitting as a family meal, you don’t really need to. If you want it to hold out a few days, then yes, I would drain it.

1 pickling cucumber, chopped pretty small or grated, drained

1/2 cup plant yogurt

pinch salt

1/4 cup chopped dill, mint and parsley

Combine ingredients together, and let sit in the fridge (if you can hold out!) for about an hour. I usually don’t, but it does taste better if you give it some time to rest.