Spicy Zucchini Green Curry Bisque

Not sure what happened, but about a month ago, I had a huge craving for thai soup. Hot, spicy, thai soup. In the middle of 85 plus degree august. I thought I was going nuts, but there I am, in the heat of summer, looking for more heat. 

I went with it. What else can you do? When you crave something, you just crave it.

At the same time, our garden was producing zucchinis by the boat-load, so I made good use of them. Chopped them up, threw in a forgotten sweet potato (lonely little guy), some coconut milk, green thai curry, sea salt and pepper, blended it up and it was fantastic! Easy peasy, too. Whatever I needed in the spice, it delivered it beautifully and I was happy. 

If you're a normal person, feel free to make this sometime in the fall when it's a little cooler out. You can also serve it chilled as a nice summer treat. Or if you're a little nutty like me, go for it hot. 

1 yellow onion, chopped

1 sweet potato, peeled (optional) and chopped

2 medium or large zucchinis, chopped (if you a large amount, just add more water and taste for curry paste)

1 can light coconut milk

2 tablespoons green curry paste (I use this one


Combine onion, sweet potato, zucchini, coconut milk and just enough water to cover in a heavy bottomed pot. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer until fully cooked, about 25 minutes or so. Add in the green curry paste, blend using an immersion blender, and taste for seasoning. Enjoy! 



Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream

Soon are the days when we get to go to the beach, enjoy the sunshine on our backs, make cooling drinks and refreshing desserts. It's a normal April day, at 77 degrees! Spring is still here but this past week has felt a lot like summer, so we've needed to try out some fun new dessert recipes to cool us down. Of course, it goes without saying, this is low-glycemic and diabetes friendly (although you should still check your blood sugar if you're sensitive). The only sugar here comes naturally from the raspberries, which happen to be the lowest sugar berry around (even topping the superstar blueberry!)

This ice cream has a medium firm body, tart raspberry flavor, and has a mellow sweetness from the stevia - the texture actually almost like a sorbet ice cream mixed together. Is there such a thing? Now there is. 

This is pretty heavy on the coconut, which I love, but the taste will change with whatever brand to use. You can also decide to use half coconut milk and half almond milk for something a little lighter, although it will alter the flavor. Feel free to play around with this template! 

Also, if you like this recipe, you may want to check out our low-glycemic dessert book, found here. 

One 12-ounce bag frozen organic raspberries

1 can of your favorite coconut milk (or switch 1/2 out with almond milk)

2 full droppers of liquid stevia (start with less and taste for preference)

Combine all ingredients together in a full-powered blender (like a vitamix) and use the tamper to push everything down together into the vortex. You might need a bit of elbow grease here, as it won't be easy. It should turn out to be the consistency of soft serve ice cream. If you'd like it a bit more firm, feel free to then transfer it to an ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer's instructions. 


Vegan Coconut Bacon

Sooo...who doesn't like bacon? Everyone loves bacon.

Who loves heart disease? Nobody loves heart disease.

There are some foods, like coconut in this instance, that really take on the flavors they are paired with beautifully. When you mix coconut with coconut aminos, liquid smoke and stevia, you get this amazing layering effect of flavors...umami, sweet, savory....and you really get the bacon flavor coming through. 

I used this particular recipe as a template, but tweaked it a bit so it's lower glycemic. Also I chose to dehydrate it instead of baking so you retain the coconut enzymes and it's essentially a raw food, and also opted for coconut aminos over tamari (which means they're soy-free!) So my take on the recipe is as follows:

3 cups large flaked raw coconut

3 tablespoons coconut aminos

2 tablespoons liquid smoke

1 full dropper of liquid stevia

Combine ingredients together, layer on a Teflex sheet and dehydrate overnight at 110 degrees. No need to flip. Store in air-tight canister and enjoy! 



Cinnamon & Pumpkin Seed Baked Pears


It’s not uncommon to want sweet things during the colder weather ~ puddings, baked goods, breads, etc. But the flour/sugar equation isn’t always the best for us. I was hoping to remedy the sweet with something healthy, and for certain, these baked pears fit the bill. They’re a synch to make, and they’re beyond delicious and a great way to appease that sweet tooth without the flour (and dessert coma) afterwards. Plus I love that just with a few simple ingredients, these pears get transformed into a luxurious dessert you can even offer to guests, for a light post-meal sweetness.

Serves 2-4

Two pears (Bosc preferred but green are also fine)

1/2 small lemon, juiced


4 tsp pumpkin seeds

coconut nectar

Slice pears lengthwise in half. Cut a small slit on the round outside belly of the pears so they can sit flat in the casserole dish. Scoop out the seeds using a melon baller or a spoon. Place the pears in the casserole dish, and squeeze the lemon over them. Add 1 tsp pumpkin seeds to each middle of the pear, sprinkle with cinnamon, and bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. When they are done, drizzle a little coconut nectar on the top and serve. These go great with some vanilla coconut yoghurt, or your favorite dairy-free vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!


Coconut Cream of Butternut Soup

Many days I sit and try to think of unique combinations of foods that together would spark something new and unique, and then real life sets in...the life where we all have appointments, and to do lists, and we're just plain hungry. It would be nice to say I have all the time in the world to experiment in the kitchen, but I venture to guess that I'm someone very much like you: a working person, mom, wife, someone who tries to make time to exercise, clean the house and just get stuff done on a day-by-day basis. Showering would be nice. A bath would be even better. But just "get things done and enjoy life" mode....Enter simplicity. I simply can't make things complicated any more, and I'm not apologizing for it. Especially when there's THIS soup to be had.

I made this soup by accident, having found coconut cream (thick and solid) rather than coconut milk (I just didn't read the can well enough) at Trader Joe's. I opened up the can and inside was this glorious white coconut cream just screaming back at me with love and delight, saying, "hello best friend, nice to find you here". Little did I know that the cream over the milk would make this soup incredible. 

If you can find whole butternut squash, that would be best. Simply cut the knobby end, cut in half width-wise and peel. Scoop out the seeds, chop into 1 inch cubes and you're ready to go. Sometimes we can find ready-cut butternut, but for some reason, I really do enjoy cutting through these releases tension and helps me unite the the food (something I don't get when I just tear open a package and add it to the pot). Additionally, whole squashes tend to be more fresh then packaged ones. 

1 large yellow onion, chopped

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 butternut squash, cubed (or about 4-5 cups)

1/2 can coconut cream (I use the Trader Joe's brand)

water (or you can substitute broth) 

Sea salt and pepper, to taste

Sauté the onion in coconut oil with a few shakes of salt on medium heat. If you cover it, it will sweat better and start to release its own juices. Add in the squash and cover with water/broth about an inch over the squash. Bring to a boil, lower heat, simmer covered about 25 minutes or until done (when pierced with a fork). Add in 1/2 can of coconut cream and stir to warm through. Using an immersion blender, blend MOST of the soup (a few chunks are actually a really nice texture). Serve with some red pepper flakes, a LOT of crushed black pepper, and a nice salad. 




Coconut Blueberry Love Bowl

There is just SOMETHING about bowls. It might be linked to my "mild" obsession with wooden boxes, shoes, bags, other things that hold other things...I think it's their nurturing aspect, of holding something, taking care of something, taking that something special with you... that I really just love. But bowls are in a field of their own ~ they are regal, majestic, beautiful, and so the food we put inside of them should also be majestic and beautiful.  And most of all, nurturing. 

"Love Bowls" are also something that we can all make that just look beautiful ~ and as long as you layer different colors of nutritive foods and play with your "art", play with your food, they pretty much create themselves and the delivery system is just two hands, holding a bowl, and noshing. I've even just thrown stuff together and didn't necessarily care how the food landed, and it's always beautiful. It doesn’t get better than that! I love it. 

For me, I really need to chew something in the morning, and it has to be high in protein and fiber and low-glycemic. Smoothies are great, but I bore easily with them ~ not so much the flavors {since those are endless} but more so for the texture - it's predominantly smooth and I wanted something that was more gritty, something that would make my jaw work and "wake me up". That's why bowls are just perfect....

This pretty much is my new favorite thing ~ blueberries are just the bomb, every which way, the coconut yoghurt and the protein power are both very filling, lightly sweet, and taste indulgent in the morning, and the crunch from chia, flax, coconut can't be beat! Mix it up any way you want, grab a big spoon and dig in!


The basic template for this love bowl is:

Bottom: could be coconut yoghurt, granola, etc.

Fruit: berries are my faves but you can add kiwi, oranges, etc.

A good fat/crunch: coconut, chia, flax, walnuts, etc



1/2 cup probiotic coconut yoghurt

1 tablespoon protein powder (I love Sunwarrior Classic Chocolate)

1/2 cup blueberries

1 tablespoon each: ground flax, chia, unsweetened shredded coconut

Sprinkle of walnuts, optional

Combine the coconut and powder together until it's mixed well. Just know, different protein powders differ in sweetness ~ I tried this with a whole scoop of protein powder (one whole serving) and it was just too sweet, so I added only 1 tablespoon powder instead, but you be the judge on how much you like. Place the yoghurt mixture in the bottom of the bowl and layer with the blueberries, flax, chia and coconut (and walnuts, if you're adding them). Enjoy! 


Probiotic Raw Vanilla Coconut Yoghurt

I love playing in the kitchen and infusing my food with natural, good for you probiotics, the way they happen in making sauerkraut and kim chi from scratch, and new favorite, this vanilla coconut yoghurt. In fact, research shows that probiotics found in kim chi and sauerkraut and other ferments create much more diverse colonies and symbiotic relationship between probiotics than those found in a capsule (which are fabricated in a lab). So much so that you end up saving money if you make your own, vs. buying a probiotic bottle of pills.  

I'm in love with these frozen packs of fresh raw coconut (see below), and I bought a whole case just for this purpose: making my own yoghurt. While it's expensive, I've experienced breaking open expensive coconuts from a store and finding out that they're either purple inside, don't have enough meat, aren't fresh, or the outside is sprayed with fermaldehyde. Gross! You've ended up wasting a lot of time and having to return the coconuts anyway. This one is a no brainer: you save so much time and hassle! Plus they're frozen so they last a long time, ready to use when you need them. 

Also, here's a really good reason for making your own yoghurt: When you buy store-bought yoghurt, many times it has stabilizers and preservatives, even the good kinds. This recipe has 4 ingredients, all of which you can pronounce, and it's oh so easy & fast to make:

1 package raw coconut meat, defrosted (I love this brand)

1 cup coconut water (I prefer this one, as it's in a glass; you can also buy them individually at any health food store)

2 tablespoons pure vanilla extract

1 teaspoon probiotic powder (I use this one, but you can also break open a few probiotic capsules and give it a go)

Blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender until smooth, using the tamper to move all everything in towards the vortex. It's best to leave this overnight on a counter (if your kitchen is cool, otherwise, it will turn sour fast), or in the fridge. This helps the bacteria to proliferate (multiply) and create a probiotic-rich food that's not only creamy, sweet and delicious, but so very good for your micro biome. I love adding organic strawberries and cacao nibs to it and make it a morning breakfast. Enjoy! 

Dark Chocolate & Orange Coconut Macaroons


As many of you may have guessed, my two loves are food and oils. And of COURSE, it seems about right that I'd combine them, all in due time. Actually, I've been pairing them for years, and only now decided to finally do something about it and write these recipes down. 

So, as a little treat for upcoming Valentine's, the only sensible thing to do is to make something decadent and ALL about chocolate. And you know what goes well with chocolate? Orange. 


I only use the Young Living Vitality oils (the ones with the white label) since they have FDA GRAS status (generally regarded as safe) and are safe to ingest. In fact, Young Living made it super easy for you to know how to use them and even included directions in the label: add a drop or two to a capsule and ingest. For most of them, I just prefer to use them in foods since they're oh so delicious. Like tangerine in my Dandy Blend with coconut creamer, lime in my water, peppermint in my raw brownies. And this one, right here: 


I'm writing this recipe in anticipation of a Valentine's Desserts class I'm hosting at Jus Organic in Atlantic Highlands. Be sure to check them out and definitely join us for the class this Saturday - it's going to be a winner. Details here if you are local. 


So without further we go....

Macaroon base:

3 cups shredded unsweetened coconut

4 tablespoons Coconut Nectar (may replace with maple syrup)

Pinch salt

13 drops Young Living Orange Vitality Essential Oil


Chocolate Coating:

½ cup Coconut Nectar (may replace with maple syrup)

¾ cup cacao powder

⅔ cup melted coconut oil

Pinch salt

7 drops Young Living Orange Vitality Essential Oil

Combine the macaroon ingredients in a food processor until the mixture resembles couscous and stays pinched between fingers. Using a spoon or a mini scoop, create 1 tablespoon-full macaroon “balls”. Refrigerate for about an hour.

After they are well chilled, combine the chocolate coating ingredients in a high speed blender. The longer this sits, the more it wants to thicken, so work fast. Coat each macaroon with the chocolate coating, and set them aside. Refrigerate another hour so they solidify even more. Serve cold, with some orange shavings on top. I bet you can’t eat just one! The bowl is fun to clean too :)






Moringa Green Apple Smoothie Bowl

You wouldn't think all of these flavors go well together but they are like a coconut apple pie in your mouth and so so so good. I've offered this more as a template than as a stress test: if you can't find these superfoods, do not fret. Use what you have on hand! Spinach instead of kale, skip the tea and make your own chammomile or even mint! Get creative. If you don't know about sunwarrior, I prefer this protein powder since it's really clean and lean and is based on raw, sprouted brown rice protein with nothing fake. You can also use the original which is just: raw, sprouted, fermented, bio-available clean brown rice protein. That's it! How can you go wrong? 

Also, I should say, I typically use 2 cups of water, but I've posted 1.5 if you're looking for more of a smoothie feel. I like it as a morning soup, though, but go with what oyu like. For me, I like to slurp it up with a big spoon!

I use only green powders here: 

1. moringa (this is a beautiful new superfood on the market that is touted to be pretty much everything for eveyrone - I don't know if that's true but I've looked into it and it has great fiber, chlorophyll, protein and fats and even the stem, leaves and pods are used in many applications). 

2. matcha (which is essentiall green tea powder, a metabolism booster, but I go easy on the stuff especially if you are sensitive to caffeine)

3. spirulina (a seaweed which is a great detoxifier, great in protein, but the taste can be quite a challenge and aquired taste, so I feel that 1 tsp is just the right amount to sneak it in)

IF you have none of the above, feel free to just use 3 tsp of your favorite green powder (green vibrance is one of my favorites). 

This smoothie is packed with protein, fiber, chlorophyl, is low-glycemic and a great way to start the day. Dig in! Happy St. Patrick's by the way, and eat your greens!


1.5 cups water, (optional: brewed wtih "Get Burning" tea, cooled - this gives it a nice apple pie flavor) or brew your own tea of choice, then cool it.

1 tsp each: moringa, matcha, spirulina

1 handful kale

1 cap of Sunwarrior Liquid Light (optional)

1 scoop Sunwarrior Classic Vanilla Protein

To garnish: coconut, cacao nibs and green apple

Blend the first 5 ingredients together, taste for sweetness and perhaps add a few stevia drops if not sweet enough. Pour into bowl and garnish with chopped green apple, unsweetened coconut and cacao nibs. 


Three Layer Spiced Apple Pie

I wanted to share this fun new video, as my submission in the "Hot Raw Chef, 5 in 5 Video Recipe Contest", through Living Light Culinary Insitute. The grand prize winner receives a scholarship to attend classes at Livin Light in Fort Bragg, California. Here goes nothing. Wish me luck :) 

The best gift, however, is actually spreading the word about plant-based foods, and more specifically, raw foods with all of you. Whatever happens, I'm happy I gave myself a kick in the tooshie to make this video and to share a fun recipe with you. Enjoy it! 

Check out the link HERE and give it a thumbs up! PS. you may want to subscribe as there wil be more videos coming your way!

Currant & Tangerine Popsicles

Original post written: 2014

Um, there are no words to describe…I can’t even.

I had the best time this past spring taking an Ayurvedic Cooking course at the Natural Epicurean, and I’ve been implementing what I’ve learned about spices and flavor profiles into my current raw “uncooking”. This is one of those recipes that is so flipping good, there are no words. It’s amazing what happens (whether cooked or uncooked) when you combine whole ingredients with aromatic Indian spices. Flavors bloom.

This blog is pretty short since, well, I’m sitting here eating this gorgeous popsicle trying to come close to what it tastes like (and I have to say, I'm rather distracted), but I think you have to try it to believe me. If you can imagine creamy tangerine sorbet with a hint of anise and cinnamon, then you’re close, but not quite there. A pinch of cardamom for floral and spicy aroma, and tropical coconut for sweetness and freshness. Combined into one, this was an experiment, but one that I know I will repeat many times this summer. 

This is currant season, if you haven’t seen them yet! They come in beautiful reds, blacks and whites, although I used the reds for this recipe. When currants come into season, you have to take full advantage, leap high into the ground with glee, and get as many as you can. They are delicious, eaten raw, like candy, but in this case, we decided to take them over the top. To boot, these are sugar free, low-glycemic, so if you are struggling with insulin resistance, feel free to make these and consider them a delicious treat without the worry.  

It depends on how big your popsicle molds are, but for us, this recipe made about 4. Sad, since I already want more.

About 2 cups currants, blended, strained to leave you about ¾ cup liquid (Discard pulp)

1 cup canned coconut milk (include as much of the solid fat as you can, then top the rest with the remaining coconut liquid)

¼ tsp each: anise, cinnamon, cardamom powders

2 droppers full of stevia

Pinch salt

3 drops Young-Living brand Tangerine Vitality essential oil** 


**This recipe uses only Young Living brand Tangerine Vitality essential oils. Please do not ingest any other oils.  If you don't have this oil, please reach out (I'm happy to answer any questions) or just use 1 tablespoon organic tangerine/orange zest. 


Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth, and pour out into molds. Freeze over night. Enjoy!

BLT Zoodle Salad

This is a super simplified BLT, in all of its glory, with all the nutritive qualities you'd want and none of the bad stuff! We've got coconut bacon, fresh ripe tomatoes, and the spiralized zucchini stands in for the lettuce. Super easy to put together, incredibly tasty and filling. Just make sure you have enough coconut bacon on hand, as you'll want to make this again and again!

1 zucchini, spiralized

1 tomato, chopped

1/4 cup sliced red onions

drizzle of olive oil

drizzle of raw apple cider vinegar

sea salt and crushed black pepper to taste

2 tablespoons coconut bacon (recipe found here)

Combine zucchini, tomato, onion, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper together and taste for seasoning. Serve with a  sprinkle of coconut bacon on top and devour. 

My Every Morning Protein Smoothie

I know how hard it is to get a proper breakfast. We're all running around, dazed by the alarm and lack of sun, early risers greeting the day with...what's that? A cup of coffee? A glazed donut? Those days are long gone for me, since I know how important it is to set yourself up for the day. But believe me, I lived there for many years.

According to my teacher Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo's research, enjoying protein in the morning can help diminish any later-day cravings for sweets and carbs. I've seen this happen in my life, where in the past, I may have started out with starches or carbohydrates, then I get a quick sugar spike, then I need something again after two hours since my sugars are down...the dreaded rollercoaster! Ideally, your breakfast should have enough protein, greens, & healthy fats to keep you satisfied for hours. Creating something like this isn't that likely if you're rushing out the door and you just need a quick fix. 

This is why I created this smoothie. It takes under 3 minutes to make, is loaded with all the necessary nutrients I need to start my day right, is gluten free, vegan, loaded with bio-available protein, and tastes like a milkshake! Emphasis on the last part. 

I also love this new indian spice box which I bought to assemble all my necessary powders, my add ins: from the top right, going clockwise we have: spirulina, moringa, nigella seeds (I take a tsp and swallow with some smoothie, not blended in), maca, a supplement I take for PCOS, dehydrated low-glycemic berry powder (which I only put in when I'm out of raspberries) and in the middle we have Green Vibrance powder. Guess what? By the time 8:00 am hits, I have this mega smoothie packed with whatever add in's I want for the day (and they're not always the same, by the way).

You can also play with the recipe by adding in some other things, like aloe vera, maybe some E3Live, and even take my vitamin D supplement. I make it work for me, rather than the other way around. Keep it fun but most of all, keep it simple.

The toppings are great also. Why? To slow you down. The only glycemic food here are the raspberries (and by testing them, I know I tolerate them well). But since they're blended and quicker to digest this way, I still like to take my time and keep myself from gulping everything down. Having something to chew really helps you slow down and enjoy your smoothie, starts the digestive process in the mouth, and offers more fiber as well. Also, you can add in any toppings you like (chia is also a good one). 


2 cups water

1 scoop Sunwarrior Chocolate Protein Powder

3/4 teaspoon each of your favorite add ins (today I included everything but the berry powder)

1/3 cup frozen raspberries

toppings: anything you like, like cacao nibs, unsweetened organic coconut and pumpkin seeds, chia, bee pollen, etc.

Leek & Mushroom Crustless Quiche with Coconut Bacon & Chili

I can't remember the last time I ate eggs - probably 6 years ago? I don't miss them honestly, but sometimes I do feel like a scramble or a quiche of some sort. I try to stay away from soy if I can, so when this new product hit the shelves (Follow Your Heart VeganEgg), I decided to try it out! Well, the first time I made the quiche, all three of us (including our 16 year old, who has discerning teenage taste buds) fought over it. It was gone in 15 minutes. 

Vegan Egg comes in a powder (see picture below), so you have to add liquid to it to resemble a scrambled egg. It's mainly made from Algal protein and flour (a type of seaweed), and some black salt and nutritional yeast (which gives it en eggy flavor, a sulfur-rich taste). It does contain carageenan, so if you have some tummy troubles, scroll down to the bottom of recipe to read what I have to say about it.

Otherwise, this quiche is gorgeous, light, fluffy, and resembles eggs exceedingly well. The flavors are slightly sweet from the caramelized leek, with a salty and umami taste from the mushrooms. And, the coconut bacon takes it over the top. I like the light kick the chili flakes add, and also, and wouldn't be mad if you served it with some kind of hot sauce (I won't tell). 

Coconut Bacon,  Recipe Found here. 

Coconut Bacon, Recipe Found here. 

I used this recipe as a template, although I tweaked it so it's crustless (low-glycemic and gluten free) and loaded with veggies (fiber and flavor!). I include it here in case you want to see the original. 

1 tsp coconut oil

2 cleaned leeks, white part, quartered and sliced into small ringlets

1/2 red onion, medium chop

two pinches sea salt

2 cups baby portabella mushrooms, chopped

3 vegan eggs (6 level tablespoons of Vegan Egg plus 1.5 cups ice cold water)

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/4 cup coconut creamer

1/2 cup almond milk

1/4 cup coconut bacon (recipe found here)

chili flakes for garnish

Melt coconut oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add in the leeks, onion and two pinches of salt and cover until they sweat and begin to caramelize. Watch them closely as they may burn. Once caramelized, add in the mushrooms, cover, and sweat until they soften. Set aside. 

In a bowl, combine the vegan egg, 1/2 tsp salt, coconut creamer, almond milk and wish until smooth. Add in the mushroom and leek mixture and stir to combine well. Pour into a pie dish and bake at 325 degrees for 55 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes, sprinkle with chili flakes, coconut bacon, and serve warm. Enjoy!

A note about Carageenan: it gets a bad rap, but I keep reading conflicting articles on it ~ it hurts some people's tummies and causes inflammation, and for others it doesn't (and in fact helps fight viruses?). When in doubt, and if you're sensitive to digestive upset, I wouldn't use this product ~ period. Why risk it? For us, it hasn't caused us any digestive discomfort, so it's OK with us to use this product once in a great while as an occasional treat...and I mean treat. Once a month? If you're concerned, definitely do your own research and go the cautious route. That said, I found this to be a good article. Also, it's hard to find, but I buy it on Thrive Market (Amazon also carries it and maybe some health food stores). 




Ground Cherry & Ginger Coconut Ice Cream

Farmers rule! And farmers markets rule even more because they bring everyone together. The best find last week at the Red Bank farmers market was this glorious mound of ground cherries. I had to make a wish, since I'd never ever had one and the taste was out of this world, indescribable, pretty delectable. 


Quite easily, I could peck at them all day as I walk back and forth, and just eat them straight out of their wonderful papery wrappers, but I kept tasting a hint of ginger....or I should say, the two flavors would marry very well. Ground cherries, at least as I taste them, are a mixture of kiwi and some kind of citrus, delicate, sweet, and pretty addictive. I figured, let's do something with these sweet little magical fruits. 

All you really need is 4 ingredients. Why? Let's be real here. I'm a 4 ingredient kind of girl. Yes, I might make pretty complex gourmet raw and vegan foods, but when it comes to feeding myself, it needs to be simple, fast and delicious (and with ingredients I can remember). 

One note about this ice cream: make it when you need it. Meaning, it's not one of those "oh, I forgot it in the freezer" types of ice cream. It's almost like banana ice cream, which I've found best when ready made so as to avoid the chunks of ice cream you get when you let it defrost a bit. It just doesn't "scoop" as nice after it's been frozen. If you don't mind it more like soft serve, definitely freeze it and defrost as you need it, but it solidifies in the freezer pretty well and doesn't replicate what you can do with store-bought ice cream that you can just spoon in your bowl. Most likely due to the fact that there are no stabilizers, thickening agents, etc. in this one. 

That said, it would make a killer popsicle. 


1 can coconut milk, refrigerated overnight

1 inch piece ginger, grated (if you like it extra ginger, go for a 2-inch knob)

1.5 cups ground cherries, measured after you've peeled them

dropper full of liquid stevia

Make sure everything is cold when you start, and that your ice cream container has been in the freezer for at least overnight. Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth and taste for sweetness. Remember, if it's a little sweet now, it will lessen in sweetness as it's frozen. 

Pop in the ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer's instructions. For mine, I kept it in for about 25 minutes and it was smooth and creamy. Enjoy!

Berry Dream Soft Serve Ice Cream

We've started summer a bit early. We've had a long winter, paid our dues through shoveling and although I love the snow and its magical solitude, I really long for dipping my toes in the surf, opening up all the windows in the house and wondering which t-shirt I should wear that day. Those days will come soon, but for now, we're enjoying a little splurge in the sweet tooth department...we all have it, and I personally am confessing to it. With the recent emphasis on low-glycemic foods, however, sweet and healthy don't always get along (until now).

Enter the berry dream soft serve ice cream....

My favorite is to allow a little crunch to it...add in some crushed walnuts or cacao nibs, coconut, what have you...but it's like soft serve with some naughty add ins, except without the belly ache after, no bloating, and all the satisfaction of hunkering down to a nice bowl of chilled goodness.

The BEST part is that it's made literally in under 5 minutes with staples we all have on hand: a can of coconut milk, some frozen berries, and your trusty bottle of stevia. So...your in-laws come over and you want to wow them? This will do the trick (without breaking a sweat).

1 can (chilled) organic coconut milk

1 bag frozen strawberries

1-2 dropper fulls of liquid stevia (non alcohol is best)

In a vitamix or strong blender, combine all ingredients together and blend with the tamper until smooth. Dish out, spoon in hand, and enjoy wholeheartedly.