The "Happy Life Challenge"

Happy New Year, Everyone!  

I'd like to welcome you to a New Year Challenge. But first, I'd like to start with a short story of a happy little accident....I created this little photo (see above) and meant to say "Happy New Year...Detox Your Life Challenge", because well, this whole challenge is about detoxing your life. But it reads "Happy Life Challenge" in bigger bolder wording. I was frustrated at first, seeing how things didn't line up the way I wanted them to, and then I thought..."wow, that's actually perfect". So I'm leaving it right there. 

So this New Year ~ Detox Your Life Challenge....It really is about having a happy life. It's not your typical challenge in many ways, and you'll read why in just a second...but it's based on what I've personally gone through this past year that has helped me in tremendous ways, and has left me a happier person. I hope that in sharing what I've learned can support you in your journey also.

Nope, this is not your typical challenge or detox. First, most challenges are boxed in, and you have to fit the mould. They're timed and goal specific. Most challenges begin with a start date. And an end date. And they're monumental in some way like "juice for 30 days" or "no meat, no sugar, no flour, no gluten, no grains, no juice, no soda, no angry people in your life, no make-up for the week, no swearing"...well, you get the drift. I'm not making fun of them ~ in fact, I have an October Salad Challenge and about two years ago, I did 30 days of green juice and it was amazing. Adding a salad to your meals once a day isn't anything monumental, I don't think...but in general, most challenges are very rigid and are encapsulated in a time box...what do you do when it's over? Actually, nobody talks about the "post-challenge" part, which in my opinion, is the most important part. What if you falter mid-way? I wanted something different.  I wanted to create a detox challenge that is digestible, in little bites, which would lead us to joy. Like, as in "Little Bites of Joy". This is what it's all about.  I'm proposing here is the following....

1. No date structure.....this is only set up as a January challenge because there will be a prize give away at the end (details below). But in reality, there is no actual end date to the challenge ~ or even start date for that matter (in fact, you can begin doing this today if you wanted more below). Why? Most people give up on their resolutions by February, and then the whole year is shot. Doesn't that just sound crazy? But is health really just a 21-day bandaid, or is it a lifestyle? So many people say they want to "get back on track" (I've said it too)... but what does that really mean? Instead of fixing, failing, fixing, failing, how about we just move in the direction of "better than" vs. "less than" (this is my husband's quote, not mine, and sadly can't take credit for it - but it's a wise one). So, no, this isn't for a month. This challenge is supposed to linger and last as long as you need it. What I'm proposing is a shift in perspective, created by micro-adjustments on a daily basis, and you can take as much time as you need. But yes, technically, this challenge does have a prize, and the winners are announced at the end of the month. That's the only time element in here. 

2. It's about the big picture: this detox is not one-thing specific. It's a comprehensive approach. It's not just about food (did you think it was?). It's about decluttering. Because as I always say, I can't talk to you about cutting back on sugar when you feel there's no sweetness in life. This is about looking at your emotions and the psychology of eating. And your plate size. And your sleep, relationships, creativity, job, household products, chemicals, deodorant, life purpose, toxic relationships. And about mindfulness. Did I miss anything? Actually, yes, a lot. I'll address many things that I believe can assist us in living healthier lives, with one thing in common: simplicity. 

It's about simplifying your life.

I'd like to return to a simpler way of eating, breathing, living, sleeping, cleaning, and relating to people.  So how can you simplify your life so that you only focus on what matters, and you life the healthiest life (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually) that you possibly can? I'll try to pick this question apart in the coming month and share with you a buffet of tips and tricks that have helped me simplify my life, and as a result, have helped make me a happier person. 

3. Rules: there really are none. Isn't that great? No homework. pick which tips resonate with you and which don't. It's that easy. But what I do ask is that you try to give all or most of these tips a shot. Mull the question over. Do the inner work. These are all life-changing. Also, in order to interact and have community, and to see that you're an actual participant in the challenge (and not a robot)...

Here's what ya gotta do....

  • Check in to the Little Bites Instagram feed (meaning follow) and FB page (meaning like it) and stay tuned on a daily basis. This is where I'll check in daily with you. Offer some tips, questions, tidbits to get you thinking in a different way. 
  • If you decide to follow through on a tip, answer a question, post your response, or anything else, just tag #LittleBitesOfJoy or (@LittleBitesOfJoy on Instagram) so I can see it. 
  • At the end of the month, the two people with the most introspective answers, pictures, answers to questions, what have you...will win a special prize. Which will be revealed at a later time. Since it's not about the prize, right? It's about doing inner work. (But make sure you tag since if you don't, I won't be able to find you). 


That's it. 

So when do we start? How about right now?

You might say, you could use a week to prep for this challenge, but that's relying on the idea that you need something outside of yourself to get yourself ready. Or you need more time. In actuality, you don't need anything more than what you already have. You come fully equipped to start right now. Just show up as you are. Check in to Instagram or FB and follow along. I'll start the write ups January 3rd.