Fennel For Digestion

Probably one of my favorite ways to settle an upset tummy or to aid in digesting a meal is to have a little taste of fennel seeds - straight from the palm... This little pot of fennel seeds sits close to me whenever I eat, and I sprinkle some in my hand before (during) or after a meal to help the digestive fire. It's a carminative herb which actually means it helps to dispel gas and cramps, is highly fragrant. 

Some have even used fennel seeds in a tea post-meal to help in digestion. It has a pleasant anise flavor that provides a freshening of breath as well, which is another bonus after we've eaten. 

Note: As with any herb, these are potent little things. Strong herbs are typically not advised for pregnant women. It is also contra-indicated for those who have cancers of the reproductive system. For the rest of us, these are pretty safe to eat.