Berry Dream Soft Serve Ice Cream

We've started summer a bit early. We've had a long winter, paid our dues through shoveling and although I love the snow and its magical solitude, I really long for dipping my toes in the surf, opening up all the windows in the house and wondering which t-shirt I should wear that day. Those days will come soon, but for now, we're enjoying a little splurge in the sweet tooth department...we all have it, and I personally am confessing to it. With the recent emphasis on low-glycemic foods, however, sweet and healthy don't always get along (until now).

Enter the berry dream soft serve ice cream....

My favorite is to allow a little crunch to it...add in some crushed walnuts or cacao nibs, coconut, what have you...but it's like soft serve with some naughty add ins, except without the belly ache after, no bloating, and all the satisfaction of hunkering down to a nice bowl of chilled goodness.

The BEST part is that it's made literally in under 5 minutes with staples we all have on hand: a can of coconut milk, some frozen berries, and your trusty bottle of stevia. So...your in-laws come over and you want to wow them? This will do the trick (without breaking a sweat).

1 can (chilled) organic coconut milk

1 bag frozen strawberries

1-2 dropper fulls of liquid stevia (non alcohol is best)

In a vitamix or strong blender, combine all ingredients together and blend with the tamper until smooth. Dish out, spoon in hand, and enjoy wholeheartedly. 


Late Summer Minty-Collard Smoothie

If you're like me, you have a plethora of collards in the garden now, getting big and getting ready for a delicious fall. They are wonderful for making wraps (instead of tortillas), chiffonade into salads, massaged into more salads, but still, I find that I run out of ways to use them; so we get creative. Adding them to your smoothies is a super easy way to get 4 or 5 large leaves (and I'm talking a little under a foot long). They are crisp, green, and filled with fiber and nutrition. 

Also, these smoothies are a great way to get in more mint as well. Mint is refreshing, cool, fresh, and bold and mixes really well with summer fruits. So why not? Indulge in a late-summer minty fresh smoothie. 

3-5 large collard leaves, washed, destemmed and torn
1/2 bag of frozen organic strawberries
2 cups loosely packed mint (about 10 sprigs, without stems)
2 frozen bananas, in chunks
water to fill vitamix pitcher 1/2 way

Blend away and enjoy. This also keeps really well, so I make a big pitcher in the morning and drink a large glass, and then save the rest for the afternoon.