~ Welcome to Little Bites of Joy ~ 

Here you can find tips and tricks for an inspired, purposeful life. 

We believe that living healthier doesn't have to be difficult.

In fact, there are easy and effective steps we can all take to achieve a foundation of health, through good food, living a clean lifestyle, and finding tools such as essential oils to round out the picture. 

It includes eating better, but also thinking positive, removing toxins and clutter, fostering healthy relationships, and watching the products we use in our homes and on our bodies. 

Let's work together to create your greatest health. 

Here's Just A Taste of What We Offer


Clean Food

We offer raw foods certifications, plant-based cooking classes, and many ebooks to enjoy! We also focus on low-glycemic, high-raw eating that's flavorful and fun. Follow us on Youtube and Instagram also! 




A clean lifestyle includes the following: minimize clutter, think positive thoughts, remove toxic relationships, open windows, find time to sleep, exercise, and lean something new. We offer tips on accomplishing all of the above! 


Clean Oils

To live a congruent healthy life, we look towards the therapeutic effects of Young Living Essential Oils and aromatherapy to support emotional, mental, and physical well being. We serve by educating and providing class on beginner aromatherapy and essential oils, make & takes, and more!  


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