~ Praise & Testimonials ~


"Andreea is the most supportive person I’ve ever known.  She is highly knowledgeable about nutrition and how food can be used to heal the body. Andreea’s holistic approach also meant that we didn’t always talk about food – because so many areas of our lives impact our health.  I left every session with new (delicious!) recipes, new ideas and feeling inspired (and empowered) to make positive changes that have improved my health." ~NM


"Andreea is a knowledgeable and creative health consultant. I worked with her for 12 weeks, and towards the end my total cholesterol and LDL numbers both dropped over 50 points from the year before. The health tips, the food ideas and the recipes were invaluable. Most important was Andreea's support through the process. And it was fun!" ~SS


"Andreea helped me to learn and apply better food choices and healthier eating.  I finer her easy to talk to and a good listener, knowledgeable and caring, and very concerned about the whole body. She has given me the tools that I need for a new journey and has been supportive and inspiring.  She has helped me acknowledge areas of success.  I look to eat live foods now!" ~CM


"I think one of the profound things I am so grateful for is that you were not only my food coach, you became my life coach.  We would not just focus on food but everyday life and life changes.  The possibilities became endless and hope and a renewal became a new adventure; your ability in assisting me to shift my thoughts to what is possible had become a day to day reality. So 10 lbs. lighter…doesn’t sound like much BUT since I was with a Nutritionist for almost a year with purchasing and taking all kinds of supplements and protein shakes, with NO results.  With, Little Bites of Joy/Andreea Fegan, my weight has started to slowly drop; a more natural and healthier way.   This is without a workout routine which has slowly begun, which I attribute to how wonderful I feel!!!." I want to say so much more to show you how grateful I am but word cannot express the thanks for your care, and encouragement and knowledge that just spills out of you with such love!!!  I am truly grateful for the renewed me!  Thankful to you for giving that to me!!" ~KW


"I am so happy that I found you and Little Bites of Joy! I became a vegetarian last year and then recently learned about raw foods. Ever since I took your class and got my certification I have never felt better. I am happier, I have more energy and my skin looks great! My friends and family have noticed the change too telling me that I look "refreshed" and "radiant." Who knew that raw foods could do all that? I don't know when the last time was that I used my stove and I have thrown away my microwave and bought a dehydrator. There is such a variety of foods that I eat now and they taste amazing. Thank you for everything you have taught me so far in my journey. I am a raw foodie for life now!" ~KJ


"After meeting with Andreea, I was excited to begin a new journey. With her help I began to try new recipes and started buying healthier foods. Making better choices has helped both me and my husband. We both lost weight and feel better. Andreea's support throughout our time together has given me a real boost in other areas of life as well. Thank you for all you do!" ~KW 


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"15 pounds lost and counting!" ~TF

"Andreea is a talented cook and teacher....creative and delicious." ~DB

"So informative... Going to change everything about my diet." ~SB

"This class was exactly what I was looking for. Simply wonderful and delicious food!" ~JJ

"My child now eats a lot more greens, fruits, real cacao and doesn't even know it! I strongly suggest this site for education on raw food, making it easy and recipes to die for!!!" ~FS

"Andreea Fegan's creative and intelligent approach to Vegan and Raw Food preparation has helped me find "joy" within each "bite"! ~NF

"Wish I could give a gazillion stars.:)" ~SP

"5 stars" from ~MAM